Recession? What Recession? Sales of second hand boats in Yorkshire have never been better.

October and November 2010 were the best months of the year and sales have continued well through the Winter despite the weather and January has been a good month too with a Dutch Barge, a narrowboat and a small river cruiser selling.

Examples of recent sales are shown in these photos and it can be seen that there is no overall pattern. There are buyers around for all types of craft- large, small,sailing boats, powerboats, narrowboats, liveaboards, sea ,river and canal.

The difficulty now is that we are selling them faster than they are coming onto the
market so we need more boats. If you are considering putting your boat on the
market now is the time to get in touch to discuss valuation. It only takes a hour to
photogragh the boat and complete the paperwork so why not get in touch now?